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“Wife and I have been customers for many years in one way or another and no complaints at all.

Work performed over the years include oil changes, brake pads, brake shoes, rotors, ignition coil replacement, valve cover gasket replacement, radiator replacement, serpentine belt replacement…and no complaints! Not one single complaint!

Rob and the mechanics at Airpark Certified Auto Service are top notch! They’re reliable, they’re honest, they’re just a great group of people all around. It’s comforting to know when the unexpected happens, like today, we have Rob and his crew to turn to for help. Support your local mom and pop businesses, especially when they’re this great. There’s no reason not to.

I would refer anyone who is in need of repairs to contact Airpark Certified Auto Service and rest assured they are in great hands.”
~ James C. / Gaithersburg, MD ( Yelp Review)


“”Man is certain of nothing but his ability to fail.”

-Ken Kesey Quote, (Sometimes a Great Notion)

Yeah that came to mind the other day while driving through the sudden monsoon like rain shower in wife’s car as I hydroplaned into a patiently waiting curb. Thus damaging the front tire beyond repair and slightly bending the rim. How bad is it I asked myself while quickly changing the tire under the cover of a nearby bank teller window. It was Sunday so luckily for me the bank window was closed it saved me from a cold shower that I did not need at the time.

Fast forward to the next day I have wife’s tire and rim with me as I go with my tail between my legs having to face the auto repair stations explaining what I hope would be a simple bang it out with a hammer back to like brand new again. “Oh no it sounds like the rim is all fudged up” said 1st mechanic while barely glancing at the rim. Well you did for me on my other car that time I had hit a huge creator sized pot hole. Replied I. “Yeah that was on your old car, your wife’s car is too new it has special tire sensors the balance would never be right… blah blah blah”. “Best to just replace the whole thing, might cost about $250 or more total”. Oh okay let me check around a little bit I thought. Needless to say the people over at NTB didn’t wanted to even bother to look at the darn thing let alone consider anything but replacing something that could be easily fixed with a good whack. Better yet replace both front tires and inspect the frame. Gosh people the frame is fine I already visually checked it and the other tire is fine. I know I use to work on my temperamental sports car back in my younger days. No this looks like it’s going to cost me at least $300 bucks  or more…..noway. Enter Airpark Auto Service yeah on a whim I was driving in this area cause I know that there are a lot of independent auto repair shops concentrated right there. This was my first stop and the man to speak to was the main man himself Rob he is the owner operator and he said yes where others feared to tread. He took the time to closely inspect the damage and said with confidence “no problem I can fix it and save you money and quickly get you on your way”. Finally somebody who can see the light of actually fixing something instead of just throwing away and replacing a simple repair.

Airpark has a full service repair facility with several bays for cars a nice comfortable waiting area with a colour TV…how bout that. They seem like they repair everything under the sun on cars old and new. Rob knows his product and he knows cars because that what guys do around each other we either talk sports or we talk shop. Rob talks and he’ll give you his opinion good or bad on all different types of cars and the thing is he speaks his mind. That is a good sign it shows honest opinion and I respect that. Bottom line is that he did as he said with no hidden BS and everything worked out just fine. Wheels don’t go wibble wobble and I walked out only paying $140 bucks. Those other guys would have charged me at least twice that if not more. Not too bad for persistence on my part and a little  bit of elbow grease on their part and guess what …. it’s just like new.”
~Derryk A. / Silver Spring, MD ( Yelp Review)